TV Look-Alikes: Vampire Diaries, Alias, Friends, Star Trek, Brady Bunch, Gilligan and 22 Other Times We Saw Double

They say that everyone has a twin somewhere out there — and, of course, that includes TV characters. So, in honor of Look-Alike Day, your friends at TVLine have compiled a photo gallery of some of our fictional favorites whose doppelgängers left us seeing doubles.

Biological twins and uncanny cousins did not make the cut — so put down your Patty Dukes. What is included in our eye-popping round-up are identical or close-to-it duos from series past (Brady Bunch, Buffy, Bonanza) and present (The Flash, S.H.I.E.L.D.The Walking Dead) — and, in a couple of cases, not just perfect pairings but a whole group of look-alikes. Has your interest been twin-piqued yet?

Flip through the attached gallery (click here for direct access) and then hit the comments to denote your all-time favorite TV doppelgängers.

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