Year in Review

TV Dictionary 2018: Age-Queer, Colognoisseur, Sex Vampire, Fabstinent and More 'Words' TV Taught Us

2018 TV Dictionary

Our yardicue for the sex vampires and colognoisseurs is going to be so schway!

This year, the small screen taught us a bevy of new lingo, such as the colorful terms above from The Neighborhood, Grey’s Anatomy, The Bachelorette and The Flash, all of which are featured in TVLine’s 2018 TV Dictionary. Our collection of unique words and phrases coined by our fave shows also includes “age-queer” (courtesy of Younger), “SloLoMo” (Will & Grace) and “fabstinent” (How to Get Away With Murder).

But that’s not all! In the attached gallery, Legacies schools us on what a “tribrid” is, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt clears up any confusion between “fempire” and female vampire — hmmm, we’re noticing an undead trend — and Single Parents breaks down “the gray-gray.” Plus, the always-quotable Bob’s Burgers introduces “mansket,” “momnipotent” and “Romeno” into the TV addict’s language, while This Is Us asks its characters to “Vietna-cheese!” It’s all very educational, so you can feel good about surfing the web instead of doing what you’re supposed to do!

Scroll through our slangtastic dictionary — or click here for direct access — to expand your vocabulary ahead of the new year. Then hit the comments with any fresh terms you learned while watching TV this year.