Top TV Devils From Supernatural, South Park, Scream Queens and More

TV Devils Best Worst

Hell hath no fury like… the following collection of pitchfork-wielding TV baddies.

In case you’re just joining us, we’ve spent the month of October asking you to pick your favorite small-screen vampire (winner: Buffy‘s Spike), werewolf (winner: Teen Wolf‘s Derek) and ghost (winner: American Horror Story‘s Tate), which brings us to our darkest — and most diverse — category of creepies yet.

From Scream Queens‘ devil-masked killer(s) to Ray Wise’s timeless turn on Reaper, we dug deep — like, nine circles deep — to compile our list of the 14 most honorable TV devils. (Note: To include a few more of our favorites, we extended the definition of “devil” to also being devil…ish. You’ll see.)

Which ones are you drawn to? Any biggies we missed? Browse our gallery below, vote for your favorites, then drop a comment with your rationale.