TV 'Ship Name or Prescription Drug? Take Our Extremely Silly Quiz

This is a case of a joke gone too far. Way too far. But roll with it, ‘K?

Have you ever told Grandma that you love, love, love Olicity and her reaction is, “The treatment for Type 2 diabetes…? Why, that’s very sweet, dear”?

Or maybe your primary care physician said that you are in need of Stelara, and you got all wistful there in your skivvies, mourning a certain Vampire Diaries couple anew?

Our point here (and we do have one) is that many a portmanteau for a TV coupling (real or slash-magined) kiiiinda sounds like one of the prescription drugs you hear advertised on the television, often accompanied by sometimes-startling possible side effects (explosive what?!) and the cue to fetch the new issue of Woman’s Day for even more details.

Do you know your Clois from Cialis? Lexapro from Clexa? Misa from Orlissa? Grab a pen and paper to keep score, then take our VERY silly — and newly supersized – quiz and find out!

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