20 Characters That Deserve Spinoffs

Spinoff Characters

Have you ever found yourself watching your favorite TV show and thinking, possibly out loud, “Dang, I never get quite enough of [insert name of such-and-such character here]!”? Us, too.

And, for once, instead of stopping there, your friends at TVLine have taken the thought a step (or 20) further by compiling a list of the breakout stars, scene stealers and second bananas who we’ve come to feel not only merit but practically demand their own spinoffs.

Among the chosen ones on our shortlist are an Orphan Black clone, a pair of Once Upon a Time sweethearts, a Walking Dead badass, a Supernatural trio and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll through the gallery below to check out our picks, then hit the comments with the characters that you would spin off.