True Blood: Ranking 15 of the Series' Best and (Mostly) Worst Villains

True Blood Series Finale

It’s hard to believe, what with some dude named “Mr. Gus” currently ruling the roost, but True Blood has actually had some pretty captivating villains over the course of its seven-season run.

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And since the series finale is just three days away now, TVLine is looking back on the best (and worst) baddies to ever visit Bon Temps. From King Russell Edgington to Queen Mab, we’ve categorize 15 of the show’s most memorable villains, for better or worse.

So click through our gallery of evil, then drop a comment below: Who were your favorite (and least) favorite True Blood villains?

Maryann Forrester and her perfectly maenad-cured claws invite you in…

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