The Walking Dead: Counting Down the Series' 33 Most Heartbreaking Deaths

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And now, a moment of silence, if you will — and not just because when AMC’s The Walking Dead returns Sunday for the back half of Season 9 (9/8c), Samantha Morton’s Alpha and the Whisperers will be scaring us speechless on the regular. It’s time once again to reflect upon the characters that we’ve loved — OK, in some cases, at best kinda put up with — and lost.

As in our previous countdowns, we’ve eliminated from the list of possibilities the series’ psychos and villains, its scuzzbuckets and d-bags. So, if you were hoping to see among these casualties, for instance, Gregory, you’re out of luck. (Then again, when was anyone except for the hangman ever hoping to see the rat bastard who tried to have Maggie assassinated?)

However, included in this grim ranking are the post-apocalyptic drama’s most recent fatalities. And as you’ll see soon enough, yes, we made exceptions for a couple of “demises” that, crushing as they were, can’t be referenced without the use of quotation marks.

To pay your respects to the dearly departed, click on the gallery above — or go here for direct access — then hit the comments. Would you call any of the show’s other deaths more heartbreaking than the one at No. 1?

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