The Walking Dead: Ranking the Show's 15 Best Couples of All Time

TWD Best Couples

As the old Rob Base/DJ E-Z Rock song so eloquently put it, it takes two to make a thing go right (never mind to make it outta sight!). And nowhere is that truer than in the uncertain, post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead.

Two by two, time and again, members of the AMC series’ intrepid troupe of survivors have paired up, either simply as friends, as friends with benefits or as something deeper still. And, inevitably, along the way, we’ve become as attached to a few of the duos as they’ve been to each other. (Usually with heartbreaking results for all concerned.)

So, in anticipation of the show’s comeback this fall — and in fear that, when it does return, Negan and Lucille will have torn apart a couple — your friends at TVLine have compiled a list of our 15 all-time favorite twosomes, including not just romantic pairs but also duos using (or who have used) the buddy system to navigate the perilous zombiescape.

Who came in at No. 1? Click on the gallery below to count down from 15, then hit the comments with your favorites, your issues with our favorites — and the pairs that you wish would just hook up already!