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The Golden Girls on Hulu: 20 Classic Episodes to Pair With Your Cheesecake

The Golden Girls Best Episodes Streaming Hulu

Thank you, Hulu, for being a friend to all us lifelong Golden Girls fans. Next Monday, the streaming service will be adding all 180 episodes of the Emmy-winning ’80s sitcom, so anytime we want, we can plop down with a slice of cheesecake and enjoy the menopausal misadventures of Miami roommates Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia.

But where to start? Sure, binge-watching the whole series from start to finish sounds like a fantastic way to spend 90 hours to us. (Think of all the great St. Olaf stories you’d hear from Rose!) But if you’re feeling more selective — you know, unlike Blanche — we’ve picked 20 standout episodes that do an especially good job of delivering the bawdy humor, quotable one-liners and female bonding we know and love. Plus, at least a few dozen annoyed reaction shots from Bea Arthur.

So read on to see the episodes we’ve picked as the very best of The Golden Girls, and then head over to Hulu on Monday to enjoy them all… with whatever flavor of cheesecake you prefer.

Click through the gallery on the right, or click here for direct access, to see our picks for the greatest Golden Girls episodes, then hit the comments to tell us your favorites.

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