TV Characters With Mystery Names: Penny, Columbo, Kramer and 24 Others

On Tuesday, New Girl is set to divulge Schmidt’s first name — a detail that has been kept secret from its audience for nearly six full seasons.

And with the big reveal coming up, it got us thinking: Just how many TV characters’ names have been kept under wraps over the years? Not just on current shows (such as Teen Wolf, Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon a Time), but on shows from yesteryear (including timeless treasures like Columbo and Seinfeld, and modern classics like How I Met Your Mother, House and Sex and the City) that continue to hold a special place in all of our hearts.

What follows is an extensive small-screen history consisting of the following: (A) characters whose first, last or full names have never been revealed, and (B) characters whose names were kept secret for multiple seasons. (Angels, aliens and other inhuman entities were not included.)

Browse the attached character gallery — or click here for direct access — then chime in below and give us your best guesses for any of the names not disclosed.

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