Teen Wolf Pilot Revisited: Scott Meets Allison, Derek Arrives (Sketchily) and Nobody Knows What They Are

Teen Wolf Pilot Moments

Ladies and gentlemen, Teen Wolf used to be a very different show.

In advance of the MTV drama’s series finale on Sunday (8/7c), TVLine took a look back at Teen Wolf‘s 2011 pilot episode, and it was a lot to process. It was honestly like stepping into an alternate universe — one where Jackson is straight, Allison is alive, and the names Malia, Liam and Mason mean nothing. To anyone. (And then there’s the fact that Lydia has no clue she’s actually a freakin’ banshee.)

From the endless parade of baby faces to the occasionally comical special effects — which I actually find charming in hindsight — we’re breaking down all of the must-discuss moments from the hour of television that first introduced us to Scott McCall and his pack of sexy (and unknowingly supernatural) weirdos.

Which moments from the Teen Wolf pilot do you still remember fondly? And what blows your mind from the show’s early days, knowing what we know now? Browse our gallery of key pilot moments — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your picks below.

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