Stranger Things: 15 Moments That Made the Netflix Series an Insta-Classic

Warning: If you’ve yet to get comfy in your La-Z-Boy recliner and spend a day binging Stranger Things, you may want to avoid this spoiler-filled story like it was the Demogorgon.

Every once in a while, a series comes along that is so good, it doesn’t have to wait years to be declared awesome. From the get-go, it’s just an insta-classic. Stranger Things is one of those.

Though Netflix’s supernatural/sci-fi/horror mash-up benefits greatly from the nostalgia factor that its 1980s setting makes a given, there are a million other reasons that we — and, we’ll wager, you — loved it that have nada to do with its retro fashions, Clash jams or Atari references.

Stranger Things 15 MomentsThere are the young leads, spirited and appealing. There’s the monster and its nightmarish, starfishy head. There’s Winona Ryder, for crying out loud.

We could go on, obviously. Instead, we’ve whittled down our list of a million reasons that we dug the Duffer brothers’ creation to 15 especially memorable moments.

To see which ones made our cut (in no particular order), click on the gallery below. Then hit the comments with the scenes that you think we’re mouth breathers for having omitted.

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