Storm Und Drang: 10 Great TV Weather Events

When TV shows need a quick hit of heightened drama, they tend to call in Mother Nature. But in real life — more specifically, in real life right now on the East Coast, where Hurricane Sandy is headed straight for TVLine’s Times Square offices — storms tend to be more about filling sandbags and boarding up windows and less about dramatic revelations and passionate declarations of love. Sigh.

Anyway, in between stocking up on milk and bread and making sure we had batteries in the flashlight, we compiled a list of our favorite TV meteorological events. Hurricanes, rain deluges, blizzards, tornados — we didn’t discriminate. After all, if you’re stuck in the house all day Monday, you’re going to need something to keep you occupied, no?

So click through the gallery below, then fill the comments with the fictional weather catastrophes that would make your list! Stay safe, everyone!