Star Wars on TV: Friends' Leia Fantasy, HIMYM's Sexy Stormtrooper and 34 Other Memorable Tributes

Star Wars Best Moments

Star Wars Fever is sweeping the nation, following the theatrical release of The Force Awakens, but let’s not forget, some of our favorite small screeners have been showing symptoms for years.

From Friends‘ iconic Princess Leia bikini episode to that time Barney boned a Stormtrooper on How I Met Your Mother, TVLine is looking back at some of the ways — 36 to be exact — the franchise has Forced its way into our favorite shows.

But before you get to clicking, a quick disclaimer: Star Wars is easily one of the most referenced things on television, so in the effort of narrowing our scope, we tried to limit our list to more intrusive, physical references. (If we included every time someone said “I have a bad feeling about this” or joked about having “Jedi mind tricks,” you’d be here all damn day.)

OK, now you can click into the gallery below — or click here for direct access — and drop a comment: What are your favorite Star Wars moments on TV?