Star Trek's 50th Anniversary: The 20 Best Moments From the Original Series

Star Trek Best Moments Original Series

With a new Star Trek movie about to hit the Cineplex and a new series in the works to boot, the Enterprise doesn’t seem a day over 49.

But, since this year is, in fact, the sci-fi franchise’s golden anniversary, TVLine is marking the occasion by flashing all the way back to the beginning — that is, Gene Roddenberry’s beloved original series, which ran for just three seasons on NBC from 1966-69 (and then, of course, forevermore in syndicated reruns).

Specifically, we’re counting down Star Trek: TOS‘ 20 most memorable moments — no mean feat, considering that those 79 episodes introduced to the world everyone from Leonard Nimoy‘s Mr. Spock to Ricardo Montalbán’s Khan, and featured an Enterprise full of tribbles as well as a then-controversial interracial kiss between Captain Kirk and Lt. Uhura.

Click through the gallery below for our ranking of Memorable Moments, then set your phasers for “Comment!” by noting the ones you think should have placed higher (or lower), or that we missed altogether.