South Park: 20 Classic Episodes That (Thankfully) Went Way, Way Too Far

South Park Best Episodes

If you’ve never been offended by South Park… well, you haven’t been paying attention.

Kicking off its landmark 20th season on Wednesday (Comedy Central, 10/9c), creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s gleefully provocative cartoon is the textbook definition of “equal-opportunity offender.” Liberals, conservatives, celebrities, religious icons — all of them have felt the wrath of South Park at one point or another. And the show pushes the boundaries of good taste, too, with some truly disgusting jokes we can never erase from our minds (as much as we’d like to).

So to honor the show’s two-decade legacy of cruel, black-hearted satire, we’re looking back on 20 episodes where South Park went too far — either by pissing off a whole bunch of people, or by traumatizing us with revolting imagery. If you’re easily offended or you’ve just eaten: Maybe this isn’t the gallery for you?

Click through the gallery for 20 classic South Park episodes, then hit the comments to remind us of the best/most offensive ones we missed. Beefcake!

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