Daytime TV's 10 Greatest Soap Operas of All Time, Ranked

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“Tune in tomorrow,” daytime’s dramas implore us. And since 1949, when Irna Phillips’ These Are My Children premiered, we have. But there are, and have always been, some soap operas for which we’ve tuned in (or set the ol’ VCR) more eagerly than others.

With that in mind, your friends at TVLine have sat down and come up with a definitive list of the 10 best sudsers of all time, the shows whose match-ups more often than not have resulted in supercouples rather than mere couples… the shows whose plot twists have time and time again left us tied in knots… the shows that we still miss enough to hope, however futilely, that they’ll someday be revived…

Among the killer serials that made the list are a hospital drama that’s been known to cause palpitations, a supernatural soap that every so often rises from the dead, and a classic sudser that at one time was so popular, it was expanded to 90 minutes a day.

Ready to find out what shows they are — and which of them tops our countdown? Just click on the gallery to the right (or go here for direct access), then hit the comments with your own Top 10s.