Saved By the Bell Turns 25: Tara Reid and 14 Other Forgotten Guest Stars

Saved By The Bell Anniversary

With Lifetime’s hot-mess biopic on the way, much negativity is being shone upon the late, great Saved By The Bell. So on this, the 25th anniversary of the franchise, TVLine is choosing to remember the good times.

Specifically, we’re freaking out over how many now-familiar faces we didn’t realize were part of the Bell universe. Sure, everybody remembers Mark-Paul Gosselaar as lovable d-bag Zack Morris, but does anyone remember Scott Wolf in the pivotal role of unnamed glee club member? Or a pre-Sharknado Tara Reid as Sandy, the confused cheerleader?

TVLine remembers, and we’ve put together a gallery of our favorite Bayside celebrity guests to prove it.

(Full disclosure: At the risk of alienating Bell purists, we also included familiar guest spots from Saved By the Bell: The College Years as well as from The New Class. This was partly because there were too many good names to pass up, but it was mostly because literally zero people will celebrate either of those shows on their anniversaries.)

So click through our gallery of no-longer-forgotten guest stars, then drop a comment with your favorite Bayside memories (along with any celebs we might have missed).

Scott Wolf and two-thirds of Hot Sundae invite you in…

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