A-List TV Titans' Best & Worst: Every Ryan Murphy Series Ranked

Ryan Murphy's Best & Worst

Sick of run-of-the-mill best-and-worst lists? We were, too. So in this new series of features, TVLine is singling out the small screen’s biggest behind-the-scenes titans, then ranking their output from their least to most impressive creations.

He’s made us sing. He’s made us sob. He’s made us shriek. And, OK, at least a time or two, he’s made us shrug. (Nobody’s perfect.)

Along the way, Ryan Murphy has established himself as a small-screen Oscar Wilde, a stiletto-sharp wit with an uncanny ability to toy with our emotions, from fright (as with American Horror Story) to sadness (FEUD: Bette and Joan) to glee (Popular… Wait, what show did you think we were going to say?).

But which of the American Crime Story EP’s series did we decide was the best? To find out, scroll through the gallery above right (or click here for direct access). Then hit the comments with the order in which you’d have ranked his shows.