TV Roles Recast: 25+ Times a Show Changed Actors Midstream (and Why)

TV Show Recast Roles — Reasons Why

All eyes are on Batwoman, as the CW series readies to recast no less than the title role ahead of Season 2. Of course, many a primetime TV show over the years has (usually!) weathered a major change-up — and often without ever mentioning the new face on-screen. Which path will Batwoman choose?

As announced on May 19, Ruby Rose and the Arrowverse series have parted ways, reportedly (per TVLine sources) due to the actress’ struggles with the rigors of fronting a full-season, Vancouver-based series. Surveying the road ahead, Berlanti Prods. and Warner Bros. Television said they look forward to the “casting of a new lead actress and member of the LGBTQ community.”

It is rare for a TV series to recast “No. 1 on the call sheet,” especially just one season in. And yet another superhero show, Superboy, did just that, in the late 1980s, when its star failed to impress the brass with his maiden flight.

Of course, we all know the tale of Bewitched‘s two Darrins, and how the Fresh Prince set got flipped-turned upside down by a family feud. Lord knows, The CW’s Dynasty is no stranger to recasting roles, multiple times. And I can assure you that Last Man Standing fans still marvel at the madeover Mandy.

In the attached photo gallery (click here for direct access), TVLine zeroed in on 27 specific instances when a primetime TV role was suddenly recast and the reasons why.

No, this is not every recast (that’d be impossible), nor did we include any precipitated by real-life tragedy or the extremely common aging up of a tyke. And while daytime soap switcheroos are far, far too many to cull, we did single out the one that stands out for us, to this day.

Which of these recasts-from-the-past do you remember experiencing?