Parenthood Turns 100: We Single Out Each Castmember's Best Episode

Before we’re forced to bid Parenthood a fond farewell on Jan. 29 — do we have to? — a much happier milestone is just around the corner: the series’ 100th episode, airing this Thursday (NBC, 10/9c).

In the past five-and-a-half seasons, we’ve admittedly lost count of the show’s tearjerking moments so how do we celebrate such a major event for the beloved drama?

We revisited Parenthood‘s past 99 hours — So. Many. Tissues. — and hand-picked the cast members’ most memorable episodes and/or scenes.

Some were easy standouts (Joel’s heart-to-heart with Zeek!), while others weren’t so clear-cut (can we just say Monica Potter rocked Season 4 and call it a day?)

The gallery below contains our picks, but we want to hear yours, too! Click through the photos for a trip down memory lane, then hit the comments with the standout moments you won’t soon forget.

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