MIA TV Stars: Lost's Matthew Fox, NYPD Blue's Dennis Franz and 17 Others We're Putting an APB Out On

Last week, TVLine’s editor-in-chief Michael Ausiello tweeted out a provocative rhetorical question: What the eff happened to Matthew Fox?!? And it got the rest of us thinking, why is that a rhetorical question? Shouldn’t the Party of Five and Lost leading man be headlining another series right now? He was a big star, after all, and is a talented actor. And surely, by now, he’s exorcized the demons that reportedly got the better of him back in 2011-12.

Unable to come up with a satisfying answer to the boss’ question — damn you, Ausiello! — we distracted ourselves by throwing out one name after another of other onetime TV MVPs who have inexplicably vanished from the small screen. Unfortunately, rather than make us feel like this was an everyday occurrence and nothing to worry about, this only sent us into a panic. If Dennis Franz could (poof!) disappear, who’s to say that it couldn’t happen to Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Nathan Fillion? Taraji P. Henson?

To reassure ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of the MIA actors whose absences we suddenly felt so keenly and offered up suggestions for new roles into which they might fit. To check out our picks, scroll through the gallery below. Then hit the comments with the stars you miss most.

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