A-List TV Titans' Best & Worst: Every Joss Whedon Series Ranked

In your life of channel-surfing, you’ve probably read a million TV listicles ranking the best and worst programs of the year, the decade, all-time. So have your friends at TVLine. (Bored now.) That’s why we’ve decided to flip the script and put a fresh — some might even say dark — spin on the convention by pitting the small screen’s most influential uber producers against, in essence, themselves, weighing Shonda Rhimes’ series strictly against one another, Greg Berlanti’s series strictly against one another, and so on.

The rules: Only output from currently-working A-list producers is getting ranked. On second thought, make that A-plus-list. (That’s a thing, right?) And of their output, we’re only counting down from worst to best these movers and shakers’ marquee series, the ones that they either created or on which they stamped their branding; shows on which they merely wrote or worked as a low-level producer are ineligible.

Now, on with the show… runners. First up is Joss Whedon, the witty wordsmith who survived a stint writing for Roseanne — which you know, per our so-recent discussion of the rules, won’t be included in his countdown — to become a Comic-Con god. Did we decide that his Buffy the Vampire Slayer had the most bite? Was it Firefly that really set us aglow? And did we consider Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a heroic effort?

To find out, check out the gallery above right (or click here for direct access). Then feel free — better yet, encouraged — to hit the comments with both your reactions and your own rankings for Whedon’s series.