A-List TV Titans Best and Worst: Every J.J. Abrams Series Ranked

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Sick of run-of-the-mill best-and-worst lists? We were, too. So in this new series of features, TVLine is singling out the small screen’s biggest behind-the-scenes titans, thenranking their output from their least to most impressive creations.

Long before he reawakened the Force on the big screen, J.J. Abrams was dramatizing the much less remote galaxy known as college as co-creator of a little show called Felicity. The WB series not only put Abrams on Hollywood’s Auteurs to Watch list, it launched a TV empire (under the Bad Robot banner) that would go on to include action thrillers (Alias), smart procedurals (Person of Interest), cult faves (Fringe) and the occasional pop culture phenomenon (Lost). 

Not all of his big swings led to home runs (R.I.P. Roadies, Almost Human, etc), but one thing we can say about Abrams’ TV work is, success or failure, he never plays it safe and the finished products are rarely, if ever, boring. One could say the same about our ranking of his entire small screen catalogue, which — spoiler alert — will likely prove to be both surprising and polarizing.

Scroll through the gallery above right (or click here for direct access) to find out, then hit the comments with your ranking of his shows.

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