11 Ways TV Has Hidden Real-Life Pregnancies: What Will Supergirl Do?

How TV Hides Pregnancy

What should you expect when a star of your favorite TV series is expecting? If history has shown us anything, the answer is “anything and everything”!

With the news that Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist, is expecting her and husband/former co-star Chris Woods’ first child, all eyes are on the CW superhero series, with fans speculating how it will navigate its star’s imminent baby bump. After all, the Girl of Steel by definition is regularly involved in intense fight and flight sequences, all while donning a sleek supersuit.

Adding another layer of difficulty: Kara Danvers isn’t dating, nor intimately involved, with anyone that we know of, so making the character pregnant is no logical option (unless there’s a, like, Pink Kryptonite that causes immaculate conceptions). Will the CW series steamroll right into production on next season’s episodes, after wrapping on Season 5 this spring? Ahead of Benoist’s maternity leave? Will Supergirl, as maaaany other shows have done, carefully shoot “around” its star, doubling for her in costumed and stunt sequences? Will the Maiden of Might in Season 6 receive more assists than usual from her band of superfriends?

This much we know: this very curious get-up sported by co-star Chyler Leigh on Instagram does not factor into the superhero series’ plan — Alex is not temporarily claiming the mantle. No, that look plays into the show’s March 15 episode.

With an eye on Supergirl’s super-important decision ahead, TVLine has rounded up more than 10 ways that dozens upon dozens have other shows have written around — or written in — stars’ real-life pregnancies. (Click here for direct access.) Which do you remember best, and which did you find most clever?

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