HIMYM Pilot Revisited: The Blue French Horn and More — 10 Years Later

How I Met Your Mother Spinoff

We’re going to play a little game we like to call, Haaaaaave You Met Ted? And Robin? And Barney? And Marshall and Lily?

Its been 10 years since How I Met Your Mother‘s series premiere, and whether or not you agree with how the CBS series ended, one thing remains undisputed: The pilot was absolutely, positively legendary.

In honor of this milestone, we’re taking a look back at the episode that hooked millions to see how it holds up a decade later. From Ted and Robin’s meet-cute to Marshall and Lily’s flawed olive theory, the following gallery is the perfect stroll down memory lane for a show that was awesome at least 83 percent of the time.

So skim through our collection of must-see moments, then drop a comment with your fondest memories from Episode 1.