Grey's Anatomy Countdown: Ranking the Show's 20 Best Couples of All Time

Grey's 20 Best Couples

If you’ve ever wondered how Grey’s Anatomy has managed to remain so popular after 12 seasons, just read the comments under any of TVLine’s articles on the ABC drama, and you’ll understand at once: Fans of the show take it — and especially its couples! — as seriously as a doctor takes a heart attack.

So, whether we’re writing about the future of Meredith and Nathan’s flirtatious relationship or the possibility of Jackson reuniting with April, viewer response is always immediate and passionate. It’s so passionate, in fact, that you might want to think twice before starting a debate about whether Alex was a better match with Izzie than than he is with Jo. And you’d have to be nuts to post a ranking of the series’ all-time best couples — there’s not enough asbestos in the world to protect you from the flaming you’d get!

But, now that you mention it, nuts is exactly what we are. So here, without further ado, is our list of Grey’s 20 most dynamic duos ever. Scroll through the gallery below, then hit the comments with the twosomes that you think we had to be brain-dead to omit, the pairings we should have ranked higher (or lower) and the couple that you would have put at No. 1.

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