TV's 20 Most Polarizing Characters: Do You Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

This Is… not an appreciation post for Toby Damon. Or Arrow‘s “Evil” Laurel Lance. Or any of the fictional characters in the above photo, really.

Because we see the way you talk about them. There are certain TV characters who when highlighted in a news item, scoop or feature story that elicit, um, “strong” reactions from their show’s collective fan base — either on social media or in myriad TVLine comments sections. You either love ’em… or you loathe ’em. There’s very little in-between.

In the attached slideshow, we take stock of TV’s most divisive characters — including, but not limited to, a Good Doctor resident, a Supergirl love interest, a Gifted threesome and “the president of the United States.”

Check out the gallery above (or click here direct access) to see if your (least?) favorites made the list, and also vote for the way you see these pop-culture pot-stirrers.