TV's Best Gay Weddings from Grey's, Brothers & Sisters, Fosters and More

Best Gay TV Weddings

The Supreme Court’s ruling on Friday to recognize all same-sex marriages nationwide is a landmark on the road to equality — and we can think of a few small-screen couples raising a glass in celebration.

In honor of this historic ruling, TVLine is looking back at some of our favorite same-sex unions from classic shows like Friends and Roseanne — the latter of which was the first series to show a recurring gay character get married — plus new(er) favorites like Brothers & Sisters and The Fosters.

And even though several of the couples on our list are no longer together — here’s to you, Calzona! — that doesn’t detract from the gravity of their promising nuptials. (In other words, turn off your hindsight before clicking through the gallery.)

Browse our gallery of gay weddings below, then drop a comment: Which made-for-TV ceremony was your favorite?

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