Throwback Thursday

Friends Thanksgiving Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the Holiday Episodes?

Holidays can be a joyous time with family — or a wonderful time to catch up with Friends.

The classic sitcom made Thanksgiving an annual tradition — except for that one year it was too busy with Ross, Rachel and the world’s most unnecessary pros-and-cons list (Julie, really?!) — leaving millions of viewers to anticipate how the Central Perk Six would celebrate the gluttonous occasion. Whether the holiday was marked by the disappearance of a certain Macy’s Parade staple, or the arrival of A-list guest stars like Brad Pitt and Christina Applegate, you knew to expect something out of the ordinary.

What follows is a 15-question pop quiz that puts YOUR Friends-giving knowledge to the test! (Your answer lighting up GREEN means you got it right; RED means wrong.) If you’ve revisited all the episodes recently, our quiz might only present a moderate challenge. But if it’s been a while…? You’ll find yourself struggling like that time Joey was a contestant on Pyramid. (“Paper, snow, a ghost!”)

And we highly encourage you to complete the quiz before perusing our detailed ranking of each Thanksgiving episode (attached right). No one likes a cheater — and cramming for the big exam is never a good idea!