Pokémon: 10 Classic Episodes Worth Streaming on Netflix This Weekend

Classic Pokemon Go

If you’re an avid Pokémon Go player, there’s a good chance you’ve canceled all prior weekend plans in favor of two straight days of monster hunting. But what will you do when you’re not busy walking into traffic? (Come on, you have to recharge that phone eventually!)

That’s where TVLine comes in: We say, why not spend your downtime remembering what made you fall in love with these battle-ready weirdos in the first place? We curated a list of 10 totally re-watchable episodes of the original Pokémon series — From Ash and Pikachu’s awkward meeting to Jigglypuff’s glorious first note — to keep your blood flowing between hunts.

(Disclaimer: Netflix, for some unholy reason, only has 52 episodes available to stream from Season 1, so don’t expect our list to go beyond that.)

Click through our gallery of picks below, then drop a comment with your own favorite episode(s).