Charmed Memories: Norman Reedus, Jon Hamm and 40 More Famous Guests

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Charmed fans, who’s in the mood to orb down memory lane?

Let’s be honest: With all this talk of the Charmed reboot — which many fans, and even one of the original show’s stars, are actively trying to vanquish — it’s hard not to get nostalgic about the show that started it all. And when you look back at its 178 episodes, you start to notice things you didn’t before, including how many famous faces crossed paths with the Halliwells.

From Amy Adams and Ashley Tisdale to Jon Hamm and Norman Reedus, the Charmed Ones’ version of San Francisco was apparently crawling with actors destined to become household names. And while not every person in our gallery is an A-lister, there’s a good chance that regular TVLine readers will recognize most of the 40+ faces we’ve assembled.

A quick note: We’ve omitted anyone who was a series regular (i.e. Kaley Cuoco and Julian McMahon), one of whom we couldn’t forget even if we tried. And, oh, how hard we’ve tried.

Browse our gallery of famous Charmed guest stars — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment below: Which one was your favorite?

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