Post Mortems

Cancelled TV Shows: What Would Have Happened Next on Lovecraft, MacGyver, Forever, Prodigal Son, Dallas, 38 Others

Cancelled TV Show Spoilers

But… what would have happened next?!

That is the inevitable, sorrowful refrain from the fans of any cancelled TV show. Well, TVLine has the answer to that question, for nearly more than 40 fallen favorites.

Over the years, TVLine’s “post mortem” interviews have invited showrunners to break down the finale and then tease the coming season. But in many instances, that “coming season” never came, because the show wound up getting cancelled — oftentimes unceremoniously, and sometimes quite unexpectedly.

Short of outright resurrection (a business Netflix isn’t really in anymore), it is always nice to have some sense of “closure,” right? So we have rounded up the scoop on more than 40 cancelled shows and what that “next season” would have been about — keeping in mind that, when the axe wound is so, so tender (and when there is theoretical hope for salvation), showrunners can be reluctant to completely spoil their plans.

Even so, the handy attached gallery (click here for direct access) delivers the goods on a wide variety of shows, from the “long gone” (such as Brothers and Sisters and Kyle XY) to the more recently snuffed (like Prodigal Son and MacGyver). From one-and-dones (including Lovecraft Country and Blood Drive) and two-and-tossed (God Friended Me, Salvation) to longer-running faves (Castle Season 9, we do not mourn thee).

Review our round-up of “what might have been” and share your laments in Comments — and or invite us to seek out the scoop on other gone-too-soon favorites.