Hannibal, Pushing Daisies and More: EP Bryan Fuller Talks Creating Corpses

Bryan Fuller is no stranger to death. Having written no less than three shows dealing with the subject, the Hannibal showrunner — and creative mind behind Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies — has had plenty of time to explore the theme and how it pertains to his characters.

While Dead Like Me featured “a hopefulness for a pursuit of life and learning” and Pushing Daisies was “a romance between the living and the dead,” Fuller considers Hannibal as “a much darker side of the death coin,” especially since he sees Dr. Lecter as “a personification of death” and “a much darker question about what is our role in our respective lives and how death can change us as much as life.”

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And with death playing such a big role in his shows, Fuller uses his dead bodies to help set the tone.

On Pushing Daisies, that meant pushing their appearances to extremes. “A lot of the deaths became heightened and took on this cartoon-like aesthetic,” Fuller tells TVLine. “We wanted to make sure it was fun to see the corpses.”

With Hannibal, the tone is much darker, so the treatment of the bodies has to be more organic while taking on an artistic quality. “We started calling them ‘death tableaus’ on the show,” Fuller says. “We wanted to make sure they were seen as though they were contained within the frame of a picture — that it was art.”

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So TVLine invited Fuller to look back at some of his more memorable corpses over the years.

Click HERE or underneath the photo above to scroll through the gallery and to read Fuller’s thoughts on George’s missing body, a Daisies reference on Hannibal and more.

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