Mad Men: The 15 Best Recurring Characters

Bob Benson Mad MenLast Sunday’s return – and departure? – of Mad Men‘s Bob Benson got us thinking about the AMC series’ supporting players: Though regulars like Don and Peggy get all the adoration and/or ire, these lesser-used characters are the ones that lend perspective (and often comic relief) to the period drama.

We’ve narrowed the field to our 15 absolute favorites, ranking them in order of least-to-most awesome – and we want to hear your thoughts on the selections.

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Please note: We’ve omitted Don’s many conquests over the years (sorry, Rachel Menken; that’s a whole other list altogether), as well as the ad firm’s current partners/staff in heavy rotation (i.e. Ken and Stan).

So click through our gallery, then hit the comments with your best Draper-honed pitches for anyone we missed!

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