Fireworks! 25 Explosive TV Moments, Including Thrones Death, Once's Dark Hero, an Inhuman Twist and More

Biggest TV Moments

The Fourth of July weekend is (finally!) upon us, but instead of celebrating with “traditional” fireworks, TVLine is looking back at the year’s biggest explosions on the small screen.

From red-hot hookups (just thinking about How to Get Away With Murder makes our eyes water) to surprise returns (another resurrection on Pretty Little Liars?) to literal explosions (we’re pretty sure Revenge takes the cake on that one), we managed to collect 25 of the biggest bombshells from which we’re still recovering.

And while we tried to avoid merely rounding up the biggest season-ending cliffhangers, some of them — hello, Game of Thrones! — simply couldn’t be avoided. They were just that explosive.

Also, seeing as this list features 25 of the year’s biggest moments, you can imagine it’s essentially a spoiler minefield. So before you proceed, make sure you’re all caught up on your favorite shows. (Seriously, you’ve been warned.)

So browse our gallery of explosive TV moments below — ranked by their level of fireworks (1 = a quaint hometown display, while 4 = Macy’s NYC extravaganza) — then drop a comment with your own. Any biggies we missed?