Big Bang Theory: 20 Sheldon and Amy Moments to Revisit Before the Wedding

Remember when The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon would only refer to Amy as his friend but not his girlfriend? Eight years later, the fan-favorite couple is about to say “HIja’!” (That’s “I do” in Klingon.)

In the Season 11 finale (airing Thursday, May 10, at 8/7c on CBS), Drs. Cooper and Fowler will finally become man and wife. In anticipation of the big day, TVLine is looking back at 20 unforgettable moments that showcase the evolution of “Shamy” — including, but not limited to: their peculiar meet-cute, a devastating break-up and a cross-country proposal. Also included are all of their firsts, such as the first time they held hands and, yes, the first time they had coitus!

Peruse the attached gallery to see how Sheldon and Amy may or may not have disregarded the laws set forth by the Relationship Agreement over the years, then hit the comments and share your favorite “Shamy” couple moment.