Happy Father's Day! A Tribute to 20 of TV's Best + Worst Dads

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“Father knows best,” the saying (and 1950s TV show) goes, but is that always the case? TVLine put that axiom to the test by taking a close look at 20 of today’s most talked about TV dads.

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These patriarchs range from greedy, selfish bikers like Sons of Anarchy‘s Clay Morrow to hilarious goofballs such as Modern Family‘s Phil Dunphy — who we just want to perform magic with and buy a house from.

Whether they are lining their shelves with “No. 1 Dad” mugs or lying, scheming and killing to get what they want (talk about #daddyissues), each of these pops is one of a kind. CLICK HERE to review our round-up, then hit the Comments with your votes for TV’s most dynamite dads and failure fathers.

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