National Best Friends Day: A Definitive Ranking of TV's Top 15 BFFs From Grey's, TWD, Teen Wolf and More

Best TV Friends

We’re all familiar with the dangers of TV ‘shipping, but today, we’re putting down our swords to salute the greatest ‘ship of all: friendship.


From Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith and Alex to Game of Thrones‘ Jon and Sam, Team TVLine has assembled the definitive* list of the best duos currently residing on the small screen. Some are friends with benefits (we know what goes on during the Pretty Little Liars‘ sleepovers), while others are merely mistaken for lovers (not that the Playing House ladies wouldn’t make a gorgeous couple).


So in honor of National Best Friends Day — which, according to Twitter, is a real thing — browse our gallery of the 15 finest friendships below, then drop a comment with your own list: Any biggies you think we missed?

*That’s right, we said definitive. Want to fight about it? (We’ll meet you in the comments section.)