The 25 Best Teen TV Couples, Ranked

Best TV Couples

TVLine’s list of the small screen’s most iconic teen couples includes three vampires, two Savage brothers and (gasp!) only one show still currently on the air.

And we’ll have you know that assembling this list proved as tumultuous and dramatic as some of the relationships that made the final cut. The truth is, we all feel strongly about these 25 couples. Growing up, they were the relationships we rooted for — the ones we aspired to have, even when they weren’t so easy. And that’s why we still remember them, in some cases decades after their shows ended.

For this list, we pulled from our favorite teen dramas, as well as a few sitcoms with breakout teen couples. And while many of these duos parted ways before the end of their respective series, we’re pleased to report that a whopping 13 of them either got married or engaged. #LoveWins

It should also go without saying that this list includes a ton of spoilers, so if you have any major teen TV blindspots, you should prepare to have them illuminated. (Seriously, our list includes everything from The Wonder Years and Boy Meets World to Dawson’s Creek and Pretty Little Liars. Expect a big range.)

Browse our list of the top 25 teen TV couples of all time — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own additions below. Which iconic pair would you add to our ranking?