15 Top Female Friendships on TV: Liars, OITNB Inmates and More We Love

Best Female TV Friendships

You’ve all heard the term Peak TV — heck, we’ve got a whole column built around it — but today, we’d like to introduce you to a new term: Peak Friendship.

For with an unfathomable influx of new shows every year also comes a flood of fresh friendships to enjoy. So in honor of National Best Friends Day — a holiday that’s so real, we’re shocked the banks are still open — TVLine is shining a spotlight on 15 female friendships we’re really digging at the moment.

From longtime friendships forged on Orange Is the New Black and Pretty Little Liars to newer pairings from Insecure and The Mick, we’ve gathered a strong list of ladies who could tell each other anything. … Well, almost anything. (I mean, it still has be in the script.)

A few quick notes before we let these ‘ships set sail:

* To make things a little easier on ourselves, we ruled out relatives for this list, causing us to axe some of our favorites — including Great News‘ Katie and Carol, as well as Wynnona Earp‘s Wynnona and Waverly.

* For those same reasons, we’re only including current shows. Even the girls of Girls, which ended less than two months ago, are ineligible.

Browse our gallery of female friendships — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your own favorite pairings below.