Buffy, Lorelai, Olivia, Janeway, Murphy and 15 More Female TV Characters that Blazed a Powerful, Iconic Trail

TV's Best Female Characters

They are women, hear them roar — and hear us cheer them on while they do so, too!

In honor of International Women’s Day, your feminist friends at TVLine have compiled a list of 20 trailblazing female characters who made a big impact through their presence on the small screen. Among the iconic creations who made the cut, you’ll find everyone from the captain of a spaceship (Star Trek: Voyager) to an especially plucky news producer (The Mary Tyler Moore Show). 

Oh — and, before you grouse, “Where’s Oprah Winfrey? Where’s Barbara Walters?” go back and reread the criteria above one more time: The women have to be not only formidable trailblazers but also fictional ones.

Now then, to check out our picks, click on the gallery above right (or click here for direct access). Then, since there is virtually no way we could have included every deserving groundbreaker, hit the comments with the characters that you think should have been included.

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