The New Christmas Classics: 15 Great Holiday Episodes From the Past Decade

Best Christmas TV Episodes Mad Men Downton Abbey

The Christmas season is a time for honoring age-old traditions… but sometimes it’s nice to freshen things up a little, you know?

The Christmas TV episode is a small-screen tradition that dates back decades, and we’ve all seen our favorites dozens of times by now. (We can’t be the only ones who can already quote Seinfeld‘s Festivus episode word-for-word.) Thanks to Peak TV, though, we’ve also enjoyed an influx of brand-new Christmas episodes over the past few years, some of which rank right up there with beloved classics from years past. So this year, we’re putting something new in your stocking: 15 holiday-themed TV episodes, all of which have aired in the past ten years, that are good enough to earn an annual viewing of their own.

So throw on an ugly Christmas sweater, grab a seat by the fire and check out the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to see which new Christmas classics, from Downton Abbey to Happy Endings, made our “nice” list this year, along with a note about where you can find them on streaming. Plus, hit the comments below and tell us which recent TV episodes have become a new Christmas tradition in your house.

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