Bones' Most Memorable Moments: Mistletoe Kiss, Angie's Name and More

Over the past 12 seasons, Bones has given us as many memorable scenes as there are bones in the human body.

As the Fox drama prepares to air its series finale on Tuesday (at 9/8c), TVLine is looking back at the show’s biggest moments, from Brennan and Hodgins’ terrifying Gravedigger ordeal in Season 2’s standout “Aliens in a Spaceship” to Booth’s impassioned declaration of love in Episode 100.

Several relationship milestones made our list, including two very different marriage ceremonies and Brennan’s joyous baby reveal (accompanied by a gif that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face).

There are also a handful of heartbreaking moments (RIP Sweets) represented, so grab some tissues as you scroll through the gallery above (or click here for direct access). Then hit the comments to cheer our selections and, if you must, lament what didn’t make the cut.

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