Arrowverse Big Bads, Ranked (2020): Who Are the Best at Being the Worst?

Arrowverse Best Worst Villains

Entering the 2020-21 TV season, the Arrowverse has thus far unfurled 26 seasons of superheroic action. Among the shows’ collective rogues gallery, who have been the very best baddies? And which nemeses were just meh?

For the occasion of the inaugural DC FanDome fan gathering (to be held online Saturday, Aug. 22), TVLine has updated its ranking of every Arrowverse Big Bad. We debated exactly where Alice, Leviathan, the Fates, the almighty Anti-Monitor and other new nemeses should land, but also revisited several of the originally ranked adversaries upon additional consideration.

Super news! Joining the mix this year is Black Lightning (Season 3), now that Jefferson Pierce has officially crossed over into the official Arrowverse. Did Gravedigger power the show to a solid debut?

Also, how does the “new” Lex Luthor compare to his pre-Crisis self? How high did Batwoman‘s Big Bad with the tiny agenda rank? Is a certain mustache-twirler still playing Jenga in the cellar? Which first-time foe earned an “incomplete” grade? And which of the list’s new additions landed in the Top 10?

Review the attached ranking of Every Arrowverse Big Bad (click here for direct access), then share your thoughts on where the new arrivals landed and who, amongst any of the villains, you personally would rank higher or lower.

The Flash, Black Lightning and Batwoman will (hopefully) return with new seasons in January 2021, while Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow are slated to return at “midseason.”

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