The Arrowverse's Big Unmaskings, Ranked — From A to Zoom

Arrow Flash Best Reveals

In the five-and-a-half years since The CW’s Arrow thwipped onto our screens, the superhero series and its eventual offspring have teased us with — and eventually unmasked — a total of 11, mostly villainous characters. Which reveals rocked viewers, and which unmaskings were merely “meh”?

Costumed characters concealing secret identities, bad and good, is of course one of the foundations of superhero stories. The CW’s Arrowverse first let fly with the trope in Season 1, when a Dark Archer surfaced to vex the nascent hero known then as The Hood. The Flash has invited us to speculate about no fewer than three sinister speedsters, Legends of Tomorrow served up a surprise we didn’t even think to expect and, most recently, Arrow‘s Vigilante disclosed his identity after leaving us guessing for nearly a year.

In the attached photo gallery (click here for direct access), TVLine revisits each masked mystery and its reveal, ranking them from to barely worthy of a raised eyebrow to super-satisfying. Check out our rankings, then share your own!

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