April Fools' Day: 25 Twisted Plot Tricks from Alias, Arrow, Buffy, PLL & More

April Fools Day

In the real world, April Fools’ Day is that 24-hour period where it’s safe to assume everyone in your life is lying to you, tricking you, or otherwise attempting to destroy your sense of reality — but on TV, isn’t every day April Fools’ Day?

Just think of how many times we’ve been tricked into thinking someone is “A” on Pretty Little Liars, or how many beloved characters we’ve mourned, only to see them again a few episodes later?

Then there are shows like Newhart and How I Met Your Mother that choose to wait until the last possible moment to reveal that, basically, everything you’ve seen has been a complete lie.

While a majority of TV pranks are meant to trick the characters, it’s often the viewers who end up feeling foolish — yet we always come back for more.

In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, the TVLine staff has assembled a gallery of 25 of the most memorable TV pranks from yesterday and today. Flip through our picks below, then drop a comment with your own. Any we missed?

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