Cancelled ABC Family Series: Twisted, Chasing Life, Ravenswood and 7 Other Cliffhangers (Finally) Resolved

ABC Family Cancelled Series

ABC Family might still have us hooked with hits like Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters, but let’s not forget that the network — which transitions to Freeform on Jan. 12 — also has a history of suddenly canceling our dreams favorite shows, leaving us high and dry.

With less than a month until the network draws its final breath — in name, at least — TVLine is looking back at 11 of ABC Family’s unfinished series in the hopes of finally getting some closure.

Who took a bullet on Twisted? Would Chasing Life‘s April have died in Italy? Which girl would end up with Kyle XY? And did Chloe King really give the kiss of death? Those cliffhangers, plus a whole bunch more, are resolved in our gallery — though you’ll see there’s still one inclusion whose ends remain loose. It’s my White Whale.

(Disclaimer: I included The Secret Life of the American Teenager in this roundup, not because it had a stunted run — at 121 episodes, it lived nearly seven times as long as Bunheads — but because its original ending was so heinous that series creator Brenda Hampton was asked [by the media] to clean up her own mess two years later.)

Browse our gallery of cancelled classics below — you can click here for direct access — then drop us a comment: Which ABC Family cancellations still have you feeling salty? Any major ones we left out? (Speak up, Wildfire fans!)

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