Year in Review

15 Series Finales From 2019, Graded

2019 TV Series Finales

As we bid adieu to 2019, we’re not just saying goodbye to the decade, but also to a slew of long-running series that helped define it.

Having already taken stock of the 100+ TV shows that ended in 2019 (some of which were outright cancelled), we are now taking a moment to reflect upon the series finales from this calendar year that left a lasting impression on us — for better or for worse.

In the following gallery, you’ll find our thoughts on seminal broadcast (The Big Bang Theory), premium cable (Game of Thrones) and streaming (Orange Is the New Black) offerings. You’ll also come across commentary on a smattering of genre series (like Gotham and Shadowhunters) and a few niche gems (like Baskets and Transparent) that were afforded the opportunity to bring their stories to a proper conclusion.

Please note: The following finales are not ranked. Rather, the grades chosen reflect how each TV show did (or did not) stick the landing based on their respective runs. Also, as stated above, we did not grade every series finale from the past year, but instead chose a select few series that ended on their own terms.

Scroll through the attached slideshow — you can click here for direct access — to see which finales made their mark on Team TVLine, then drop a comment to share your opinions on the best (and worst) series sign-offs of 2019.