Crackle's StartUp: Adam Brody Deals With Daddy Issues in Premiere Clip

Adam Brody is about to learn why you should never do business with your family.

In the new series StartUp, which began streaming Tuesday on Sony’s Crackle, Brody plays loan officer Nick Talman, who invests quite a chunk of change into a new business called GenCoin. The trouble? It wasn’t technically his money to invest.

TVLine has an exclusive clip from the premiere, in which Nick’s angry father confronts him over the whereabouts of the now-missing $2.2 million.

“You still don’t get it,” dear ol’ dad says. “You think you’re so righteous, all these years never taking my money. But it wasn’t because it was dirty. It’s out of spite. So… where’s that gotten you?”

Ouch! (Point: Dad.)

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